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could it be worse ?

A fortune cookie that makes you literally feel better


how to feel better when regret happens?

If regret is inevitable, how can we make ourselves feel better when regret happens?

Research shows that you should ask yourself this question:

Ask yourself, “How could it have been worse?”

This is what researchers call a “downward counterfactual thinking.”

Another research also shows that downward counterfactual thinking benefits us by improving our mood, further to killing the pain after we’ve learned lessons from something we did wrong.

This thinking kills the negative feelings associated with regret. Turn disappointment into gratitude.

Take “I can’t believe I crashed my car. I’m so stupid.” and turn it into “I’m so lucky I didn’t die in the accident. How wonderful!”

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Shxt happens

A downward-counterfactual-thinking fortune cookie help you arouse your self-reflection


However, everyone's regret is different,

HMW MAKE it a PERSONAL service?

A service that can prevent us from making the same mistake again.




Step1: Go to the website


Step2: Sign up, and whenever you have regret, fill it out online as detailed as possible.


Setp3: Based on your regret, FORTUNE will make a kind reminder specifically for you in each fortune cookie.


Step4: At the end of the year, FORTUNE will send a bag of customized fortune cookie for you.


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