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A door that lets you enjoy your personal time without disturbance.


How might we create an undistracted experience for bathroom users?


Problem :

There could be lots of reasons to use the bathroom; people might use it for number one or two, or maybe one needs a space to calm down, or even having a bad mood and needs some space. Still, there's one thing for sure: People in the bathroom doesn't want to be interrupted. However, most of us may have an experience where even if we lock the door, there will always be someone who still wants to twist the doorknob to see if the door is truly locked, which behavior is not only annoying but kills the mood.


Invisible is a door of which doorknob will disappear from the outside when the bathroom is in use. The doorknob uses a sliding mechanism in a specific angle to create the disappearance when the bathroom is occupied, and it will automatically be pulled back to where it belongs by gravity when the bathroom is empty, upgrading the user experience by enhancing the privacy and eliminating the disturbance.


Scope: 6 Weeks

Categories: Product Design

Role: Solo project. Ideation, prototyping, user research, problem definition, and Industrial Design.

Tools: Alias, Cinema 4D, Illustrator, Photoshop




A door can be a partition of a space, a partition of a mood, or a partition of your own world. However, have you ever had an experience where even if you lock the door, there will always be someone who still wants to twist the doorknob to see if the door is truly locked?

Annoying, right?  Wish the doorknob could've disappeared?

Now, the savior has come.


Reasons keeping people in the toilet


And sometimes you wish you could throw the doorknob away.


The difference between a wall and a door is DOORKNOB, no door knob, no disturbance.

Let's make the doorknob disappear!


how do we use it?


If somebody leans on a 90-degree doorknob

the door will be locked from the outside.


However, if it is a 45-degree doorknob, the door will not be entirely locked.


And the gravity will pull it back to where it is supposed to be.



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